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Who We Are

We are Abu Zineh Company for Manufacturing and Importing Metals.
a factory that produces various types of iron products used in the construction industry.

Brief of Company History:
We founded our factory in 2020 in the city of Jenin in Palestine, on an area of 8000 square meters.
We put a lot of effort into building a modern factory that is considered the most advanced in the Middle East, with production lines that are the latest in the world.
We are very proud of what we do, and with our products which are above the competition in terms of quality.
We are committed to selecting raw materials that ensure high-quality products, and we import these materials from the best worldwide Factories.

Our Products:
1. Welded mesh of all sizes and diameters.
2. Wooden Nails.
3. Concrete Nails Black / Galvanized.
4. Tying Annealed Wire.
5. Twisted Wire.
6. U-Shape Tying Wire.
7. Straight Rebar.
8. Rebar In Coil.
9. Wire Rods.

Our Vision:
We look forward to stay in the foreground with the best quality of our products, and we ensure daily quality inspections.
We respect and appreciate the high level of trust we have earned from our customers.

Our Distinctive Features:
– We have a team of highly skilled engineers, operators, and workers in our factory.
– We continuously develop and update our production lines.
– We market our products within the Palestinian Authority and Israel, and we have gained an excellent market share thanks to the quality of our products.
– We aim to expand our product range, increase our market share, and open new markets.

We have the best iron and steel products

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